Backup Your Blog / Writing


Writing and copyrighting your writing is important to your blogging. But what happens if the site your blog is hosted on goes down? What if your data is lost? What do you do? For that rare occurrence, there are many different ways that you can backup your entire website or just your writing.HTTrack.Com – This is the website of the HTTrack Website Copier. It will download an entire website to your hard drive for offline viewing, or for blogging purposes, for backup purposes. Best of all, it is free! It gets text and image files that may be on your website.Word Processor – One of the simplest form of backup, you can just copy and paste each blog entry into a new word processing document. This is not recommended because this method skims the surface of backing up your data. No images, templates, comments, or other items contained on your website are backed up.Blog Collector – Blog Collector is free software that can read all the data right off your website (including Blogspot) and save it. It can publish your blogs into a book, perhaps for friends and family. The books come in .pdf and .doc formats among others.Email – Blogspot / WordPress can email you each time you post a new blog.Webgrabber – Does the same thing as HTTrack, except for users of Mac OS XGood luck!


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