Copyright Your Content and Protect It From Content Stealers


Once you hit the publish button (or whatever the button says for you), you will be putting your text out there on the internet for anyone around the world to read, and unfortunately, to steal. On professional websites, the Copyright for the website is always at the bottom, and your blog should be no different. To put a Copyright notice on the bottom of your blog’s page, you can copy and paste the following code (after changing it) into your blog template. (If you need specific help with doing this with either Blogger or WordPress, just leave me a comment and I will help you do it.) To see an example of this code, you can scroll to the bottom of my blog. Here’s the code:

Copyright ©  2007 <a href=””>yourblogname</a&gt; 

Copyright ©Your Name.
Good luck blogging! 


One Response to “Copyright Your Content and Protect It From Content Stealers”

  1. Better yet, include the Creative Commons license. That gives bloggers the right to take a bit of your work and republish it (that’s what blogging is all about) but you retain the rights. There are various levels of Creative Commons so you can maintain different rights.

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