Naming Your Blog

A name is important in the blogging world. Just by looking at the name of your blog, people will know whether they want to stay and read on, or go on to another blog. If you want to buy your own domain and web hosting (which is recommended) and don’t have any ideas as to what you want the name of your blog to be, Nameboy is a good site to find a name. Even if you don’t want a domain, Nameboy can give you some good ideas, as well as ideas as to what NOT to name your blog. About.Com has a name generator that you can use if you’re really desperate. As for what words to include in your blog name, This Site does an analysis of the most popular blogs and what commonalities they have name wise. Some other advice should be to make it sound semi-professional and not too long.
Something called “Susie’s Piece of Chocolate Cake Heaven in Los Angeles would not be good.A good tip is to do a Google Search for any unique names you can think of. If you can get one – then you’re on your way to creating an easy blog to find.
Click Here for a website that deals with naming your own blog. Good luck!
On a side note, if you have a blog about blogging or any related topic, such as design, shoot me an email or leave a comment about exchanging links on our blogrolls.  

One Response to “Naming Your Blog”

  1. You’re right. Finding a good name for a blog is important. I learned the hard way with my previous blog. Thanks for sharing the links.

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