In order to help get links to your blog and bring readers back time and time again to your blog, it is important that you interact with them. Here are a few ways in which you can do this:

  •  Show Your Sources: Even though you may think of this as a way to get readers OFF your blog, it in fact makes them think of your blog a great resource for links and knowledge, especially since they don’t have to out and search on their own for extra information.
  • Read and Comment Other Blogs: This technique works two ways. First, you get to spread the address of your blog to other blogs (preferably of the same genre) where the readers of that blog will come to your blog as long as the comment you leave contributes something to the conversation started by the blog author. 
  • Thank Your Readers: If someone comments on one of your posts, it is best to comment back on their blog or send them an email. 
Good luck blogging!

Writing and copyrighting your writing is important to your blogging. But what happens if the site your blog is hosted on goes down? What if your data is lost? What do you do? For that rare occurrence, there are many different ways that you can backup your entire website or just your writing.HTTrack.Com – This is the website of the HTTrack Website Copier. It will download an entire website to your hard drive for offline viewing, or for blogging purposes, for backup purposes. Best of all, it is free! It gets text and image files that may be on your website.Word Processor – One of the simplest form of backup, you can just copy and paste each blog entry into a new word processing document. This is not recommended because this method skims the surface of backing up your data. No images, templates, comments, or other items contained on your website are backed up.Blog Collector – Blog Collector is free software that can read all the data right off your website (including Blogspot) and save it. It can publish your blogs into a book, perhaps for friends and family. The books come in .pdf and .doc formats among others.Email – Blogspot / WordPress can email you each time you post a new blog.Webgrabber – Does the same thing as HTTrack, except for users of Mac OS XGood luck!



Sadly my daily posts will not be so daily in the next few days as I will be driving up tomorrow for a nice 8-9 hour drive through Pennsylvania and New York to go to the International Bowl in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Now that you have a name for your blog and a general idea of what you’re going to write about, you can start writing. BUT there is something else that you need to do, one of the most important things you will EVER do for your blog. Intrigued? Read on.You can write all you want, but you need readers. I will cover different ways to gain readers in upcoming posts, but the most important way is to submit your blog / website to search engines. Because the top search engines have such a stranglehold on the market, you really only have to submit your blog / site to those search engines, which I have listed below:

For a more substantial list of search engines and for more information on submitting your blog / website to search engines, visit this site.    In future posts, I will teach you how to best optimize your blog and website for search engines to help you get on the front pages of search results.In the mean time, good luck blogging!

Once you hit the publish button (or whatever the button says for you), you will be putting your text out there on the internet for anyone around the world to read, and unfortunately, to steal. On professional websites, the Copyright for the website is always at the bottom, and your blog should be no different. To put a Copyright notice on the bottom of your blog’s page, you can copy and paste the following code (after changing it) into your blog template. (If you need specific help with doing this with either Blogger or WordPress, just leave me a comment and I will help you do it.) To see an example of this code, you can scroll to the bottom of my blog. Here’s the code:

Copyright ©  2007 <a href=””>yourblogname</a&gt; 

Copyright ©Your Name.
Good luck blogging! 

Why We Blog


The best kind of blog is one that has a focused theme (like this one). That way you can draw concentrated ads (we’ll talk about that in the future). However, the most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to break news stories or be controversial with what you write. What you have to do in order to draw traffic and bring people back to the blog is write regularly. Some say to “post as often as you eat” but if you can’t do that, it is recommended that when you do post, you make sure that your posts are good, and worth a reader’s time. I’m sure that you will know that you should avoid blogorrhea – and I’m sure that you can guess what that is. Most people say to write about something you are passionate about. Here are some types of blogs that you can do.

Personal Blog: This is the most popular type of blog because anyone anywhere can sit down and write about their life. In addition to talking about personal lives, people discuss projects they’re working on, a diet, a narrative journal, and other experiences. If you want to blog about the company you work for and your boss – be careful.

Family Blog: For a family that is spread out across the country, the easiest way to communicate may be across the internet. Families can share family photos, product reviews, recipes, and most importantly news. Another plus is that instead of sending emails with big attachments, items can be posted right up on the web.

Product Review Blog: Books, music, electronics, all have to be bought by people. So why not review items that you have in order to draw traffic and gain readers? Make sure that the reviews are well researched and in depth.

Hobby Blog: Are you passionate about something? A hobby perhaps? Then write about the hobby! There are probably plenty of people around the world with the same hobby as you.

Genre Blog: These blogs talk about a certain subject. For instance, Political, Legal, Fashion, and Travel Blogs would fall into this category.

Photo, Video, or Link Blog: These types of blogs are self-explanatory. They consist of only photos, videos, or links. In order to stand out, the photos and videos should be original.

Good Luck!

A name is important in the blogging world. Just by looking at the name of your blog, people will know whether they want to stay and read on, or go on to another blog. If you want to buy your own domain and web hosting (which is recommended) and don’t have any ideas as to what you want the name of your blog to be, Nameboy is a good site to find a name. Even if you don’t want a domain, Nameboy can give you some good ideas, as well as ideas as to what NOT to name your blog. About.Com has a name generator that you can use if you’re really desperate. As for what words to include in your blog name, This Site does an analysis of the most popular blogs and what commonalities they have name wise. Some other advice should be to make it sound semi-professional and not too long.
Something called “Susie’s Piece of Chocolate Cake Heaven in Los Angeles would not be good.A good tip is to do a Google Search for any unique names you can think of. If you can get one – then you’re on your way to creating an easy blog to find.
Click Here for a website that deals with naming your own blog. Good luck!
On a side note, if you have a blog about blogging or any related topic, such as design, shoot me an email or leave a comment about exchanging links on our blogrolls.  

Welcome to the world of blogging. Its a big one that may look intimidating, but with a little luck and good writing, you can be on your way to drawing in traffic and having lots of people reading and commenting on your posts.

Each day I will spotlight one aspect to blogging that will get you one step closer to achieving what YOU want to achieve. You may be thinking right now Why should I read the stuff this guy has to say? He’s blogging on WordPress.Com and doesn’t have his own website. Well I can say this: I’m more in touch with you then the other people blogging on their own websites. They take in 4 and 5 figure sums of cash per month from their websites. They’re not like you, who’s hosted on blogspot or wordpress and are barely on their feet.

Good luck, and good blogging.

The purpose of Blogline is to help you, the readers, become better bloggers. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning or are a seasoned veteran, there will always be something here to make your blog or website better. I’ll start off with some basics (so stay with me) and I’ll move quickly to stuff for everyone out there.

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